Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday


Jenny Spadafora, a mother from Springville, prefers to sleep in on Black Friday. She said, “Seriously, waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning just to get a good deal? Are you kidding me?”

When it comes to Christmas shopping, though, Spadafora doesn’t have to think twice about Cyber Monday. Avoiding the long lines of Black Friday, always having what she wants in stock, and sleeping in after Thanksgiving are just a few of the many reasons Spadafora has chosen to avoid Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is a different story. Spadafora shops online so she can do it whenever she has time. She can shop in the comfort of her own home, and things are delivered to her by just a click of a button. Spadafora’s reasons are clear, but the Utah Commerce Department says it’s not such a piece of cake … or in this case, pie.

In preparation for Cyber Monday, the Utah Department of Commerce released a list of helpful hints that will help shoppers make sure they don’t get scammed. The list includes keeping a paper trail of your orders, comparing prices, researching the seller and making sure your anti-virus software is up to date.

Francine Giani, the Executive Director at the Department of Commerce, said, “People are busy, we’re just asking that they be careful.”

Whether you do Cyber Monday today, or shop online another day, the Commerce Department says you should always make sure you are double-checking information and looking for the best deals and prices. If you do have problems with fraud, you can contact the department at its website:

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