No sleep tonight: Pulling the college all-nighter


Many students know the joy of exiting the testing center and feeling the relief of finishing a test, but for Jake Kruitbosh the joy was short-lived as he realized that, with the homework he had due the next day, he would have to pull an all-nighter.

Pulling all-nighters in college, while it may not be an enjoyable experience, is a frequent practice among college students.

Kruitbosch, a freshman studying business management, said the experience of pulling an all-nighter actually turned out all right. He took an hour nap at midnight and then wrote a paper and studied for his test.

“I got my paper back and got 94 out of 95,” Kruitbosch said. “I haven’t gotten my test back yet, but I feel good about it. It was a good experience, and then I went home and went to sleep all day.”

Jace Mattinson, a senior majoring in accounting, said he does not recommend all-nighters. During his junior year, he pulled all-nighters during midterms and finals.

“I was awake enough,” Mattinson said. “It was definitely a struggle. I don’t recommend all-nighters to anyone, that’s for sure. I’ve gotten wiser as I’ve gotten older.”

Mattinson recommended those who try to pull all-nighters should take a break every hour.

“I’m not a big fan of caffeine because I don’t like the dump that happens after,” Mattinson said. “Some people like it and that’s fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s like having an all-nighter hangover on top of a hangover from caffeine.”

Dallin Bastian, a junior from Twin Falls, Idaho, pulled one all-nighter when he was 12. After spending the entirety of the next week sick, he now tries to go to bed before it’s light outside. When he has to stay up late, he has tricks to stay awake.

“Drink really cold water and start pacing if you’re tired,” Bastian said. “If you start getting drowsy, make yourself cold. If it’s winter, go outside and get shocked back into being awake.”

However, some students said they are able to accomplish their schoolwork without sacrificing sleep. Cori Broberg, a freshman from Simi Valley, Calif., has pulled a few all-nighters, but they have never been for school purposes.

“I always try to do homework right away so I don’t have any at nighttime,” Broberg said. “If I ever try to do homework in my room at night, I always fall asleep.”

Levi Roberts, a junior studying manufacturing engineering, has never pulled an all-nighter.

“I quit doing homework at 7 p.m.,” Roberts said. “The daytime is for school, and the nighttime is for parties.”

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