Blog: Rebecca Black 2.0


The lack of “Thanksgiving music” is often used as a reason to begin listening to Christmas music at the beginning of November. No matter your preference on the perfect date to begin celebrating Christmas, it is now harder to deny that Thanksgiving music exists.

Forget Rebecca Black and being happy for Fridays. It’s time to move on to singing about holidays, thanks to 12-year-old Nicole Westbrook. The video hails from the same producer that brought the world “Friday.”

The lyrics of “It’s Thanksgiving” are competitive with “Friday.” In the video, Westbrook sings about being grateful, lists big holidays throughout the year and even pretends her drumstick is a microphone.

December was Christmas.
January was New Year’s.
April was Easter.
And the Fourth of July, but now it’s Thanksgiving.

Westbrook will be grateful this Thanksgiving, thanks to more than seven million hits on the video.

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