Cowboys vs Indies Fest at Velour


The cowboys vs. Indians battle has been raging in the old west and in backyards for years. But the Cowboys & Indies event at Velour Live Music Gallery is a little different.

Velour will put a new spin to the Cowboys vs. Indies battle in their showcase event featuring folk and indie artists on Nov. 16 and 17.

Guitarist for Lake Island, Kyle Hooper, said his band is leans more towards the indie side.

“This event will be a chance for a meshed expression of two popular styles,” Hooper said.

Hooper said Lake Island isn’t necessarily affected by the popular trends in music but is glad they’re style fits so well with what’s current right now.

“We’re a bunch of goof balls that like to do our own thing,” Hooper said. “We’ve always done that. If we’re influenced by anything, it’s pizza. Local pizza shops are the best, and that if anything should show who we are.”

Hooper said the band’s biggest drive is to find something new for everyone. He said events like this really just enhance the scene.

Lake Island will be performing on Friday Nov. 16 with The Moth & The Flame, Timmy the Teeth and Brady Parks and the IndiAnns. On Saturday Nov. 17, Eyes Lips Eyes, The Devil Whale, Ryan Darton and Ferocious Oaks will be playing.

Singer and guitarist for The Moth & The Flame, Brandon Robbins said he expects the show to be a good time. The band recently returned from touring, and so Robbins said they are expecting the show at Velour to be like coming home.

“We do shows at Velour frequently,” Robbins said. “The home crowd is everyone’s favorite. We’re excited to come back after touring. We’ve been working on some new stuff that we’re going to preview at the show, but the bulk of set will be of the crowd’s favorite.”

Robbins said this show is a creative way to integrate the Provo Music Scene and to let people discover differences within it. Brinton Jones of The Devil Whale, echos this sentiment.

“Musicians work really hard to give high quality shows,” Jones said. “For Provo, the music community is one of its strongest assets, culturally.”

Jones said his band is ready for the chance to regroup and try out some new material for the show.  He said this show will be fun for the band and audiences because The Devil Whale only plays at the Velour a few times a year. The Devil Whale has performed at this particular event in years past, and Jones said the band likes supporting it.

“Overtime bands have been crossing genres and doing a little bit of everything,” Jones said. “This always creates a good line-up. Especially if you’re not familiar with the music scene, this concert series is a great way to become familiar with it. They’re sure to be great shows.”

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