Veterans Day in Utah


The Gardner family went to the Capitol in Salt Lake yesterday to support their grandfather for his service in the Vietnam War. They say it gives them a great sense of pride and they want to make sure they include the whole family.

Other veterans’ friends and family joined to commemorate the service given by their loved ones. Those servicemen being honored say they are grateful for how the public’s attitude towards their service has changed over the years. Vyron Dowdle, a veteran from the Vietnam War, says, “When we came home we were spit on and sworn at and called all kinds of names, and now it’s really nice that someone’s stepping up and recognizing us for what we really went through.”

The veterans received pins and applause for what they gave to our country. Don Gale, another veteran from the Vietnam War, says, “The veterans of America changed and are changing this great nation. We are a better country because of our veterans.”

All veterans who served in the Vietnam War were presented a flag symbolizing the gratitude our nation has for them. They also received pins for their service in the Vietnam War.

For information on how to get these pins, call the Utah Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-800-894-9497 or go to the website

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