College students voting


In the end of his senior year at Brigham Young University Miles Nielson does more than just study. He is also a father and husband. But even with a hectic schedule, he says he’s making his voice heard and casting his ballot.

He spoke of voting, “It’s showing responsibility and…teaching your kids and those around you to care about what’s going on.”

Although Nielson says he is waiting until tomorrow to vote, many college students got a jump start last week and voted early. BYU student Kyle Weight just cast his ballot Friday and he says he learned early of the importance of being part of the process. He said, “I think the bulk of it came from teachers who wanted to convey that message.”

Tuft University found that in the last presidential election, 70% of college students nationwide registered to vote and out of those students, 85 % actually cast a ballot. Local auditor Bryan Thomas expects a turnout of 80% from Utah County as well.

Thomas says that so far we are keeping up with last year’s numbers. Countywide, around 30,000 have already cast their ballots for this year and 250,000 are registered.


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