Daylight savings time


Since it is November, it is time to set the clocks back an hour this Sunday. Students at BYU are very excited to get an extra hour of sleep this Sunday.

Brent Sampson, a student at BYU, is excited to get his extra hour of sleep. Sampson says, “It helps you…stay alert throughout the day, instead of feeling tired and wanting to take a nap during that hour.”

Sleeping isn’t the only thing that students will have time for. Many are going to pick up hobbies and play with friends more. One such example is Kayla Harris, who is excited to hit the outdoors and play some games.

She says, “We actually have a volleyball court in our backyard…so hopefully I can get some more people together, because everyone has been studying…(During) that whole extra hour, we can work on volleyball, so that will be really fun.”

Students who don’t remember to set the clock back are likely to end up an hour early for things like church and family gatherings.

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