Remembering Ivie


Utah County food chains banded together to remember a man they call a local hero.

Shops remembered slain border patrol officer Nicholas Ivie, not just with their hearts, but their with their wallets.

Many shop owners say they were happy to pitch in.

“Giving” was on the mind of workers as they gave a piece of their profit to the wife and children of killed border patrol agent Nicholas Ivie. In what is called a “friendly fire accident,” Ivie lost his life on duty along the Arizona-Mexican border on October 2nd.

Family member Jen Ivie Jones created a Facebook event that says restaurants like Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Los Hermanos and others were dedicating October 30th to the Ivie family.

Los Hermanos was Ivie’s favorite restaurant and said they were happy to get involved.

Los Hermanos restaurant office manager shared, “This is an opportunity to give back and to be a part of the community and help somebody out.”

50% of their profit yesterday went directly to the Ivie Memorial Fund.

Nicholas’s mom, Cheryl Ivie, was grateful to those who chose to help.

She said, “This is where Nic grew up. This is his home. We’re just excited about so many people supporting Christy and appreciate everybody that’s coming out.” Cheryl says she hopes good things come to the participating restaurants because of their generosity.

She shared some thoughts about her son, “He was just a caring, giving guy and he’s missed. There’s a big hole in our hearts.”

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