The need to ski


Building shelves, moving supplies and taking calls. This is the daily routine of employees at BYU’s own Outdoors Unlimited as they prepare for the upcoming ski and snowboard season.

“So far, we’re moving all our winter gear,” said employee Morgan Richards. “Here in a couple weeks we’re going to be selling our mountain bikes and making space so we can fit more ski boots. That’s what we were doing today … making more shelves to put our ski racks and ski boots in here.”

The store has everything a snow-lover needs, from skis, to snowboards, to goggles; and after last year’s drought and limited snowfall, employees expect a high demand for snow gear this upcoming season.

To keep up with high demand and a growing inventory, Outdoors Unlimited moved from its original location at the Wilkinson Center to a larger building on Canyon Road and 2230 North.

“We’re having a grand opening … the second week of November to just get people aware of where we’re at and where we’re located,” said Richards. “We have excellent equipment that’s brand new. Every year we get new skis and boots to rent out to everyone, (so) they can get a better deal here than they can up at Sundance or at other ski resorts.”

The store also offers different packages and lift discounts to help customers save some cash by making conquering the mountain more affordable. But what if you don’t ski or snowboard?

“I would just say even if you have no idea … if you want to ski or snowboard even, just come down and just see what we have,” said employee Josilyn Chowen, “because you might find that we have something you really love to do.”

And the employees say no matter what you choose, satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you’re already itching to carve through some fresh powder, you don’t have to wait much longer. Sundance is set to open its gates December 7th, with other resorts opening as early as mid-November.

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