A new kind of vending machine is coming to BYU


The typical vending machine that feeds students on campus will now sell artwork.

The Visual Arts Department is holding its annual Vending Machine Art Show on Nov. 1. The idea of putting artwork in vending machines for people to purchase started with the Visual Arts Student Advisory Counsel a few years ago. It has evolved as more artwork has been incorporated from visual arts students and faculty members. However, this art show has a purpose to it. All of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank through The United Way.

Cole Walker, a senior majoring in 2D studio, said the Vending Machine Art Show provides an opportunity for students, faculty and the public to come together and purchase a piece of art that they might not have a chance to purchase elsewhere. There will be a variety of artwork, from photographs to sculptures, available for purchase. Something unique about the show is that the artwork must be able to stand in a 12-inch square.

[/media-credit] There will be a grid on the floor representing a vending machine where artwork will be displayed in 12-inch squares.
“The show started under the idea that all work would fit into a vending machine to be sold that way, but as the years have passed and we have received more submissions of varying sizes of work, we took a looser definition of the idea,” Walker said. “Now people act as the arms of the vending machine as they walk around a grid of artwork placed on the floor and choose which piece they would like to purchase. We still have one vending machine packed with art, and it will function in addition to the rest of the work on the floor.”

The Vending Machine Art Show will function on a first-come, first-serve basis. People who are interested in purchasing art will receive a raffle ticket. The numbers will be called in order and once their number is called, they can choose any piece of art that is still available. All pieces of art will range from $1 and not exceed $60.

Normandie Luscher, a senior in the illustration BFA program, likes how the art show can create an atmosphere where students from different backgrounds come together for a good cause.

“I’ve personally always looked forward to going, and I love being there,” Luscher said. “It is a great experience to see art from every department put together. There is something special about seeing the diversity of perspective and variety all in one place.”

Jena Schmidt, a studio art alumna, enjoys going to the Vending Machine Art Show every year because it allows her to look at other people’s work and meet other student artists. It gives her a chance to purchase art work from her peers and give to charity at the same time.

“I like the vending machine show because students and the community are able to purchase art that is affordable, and it gets the student artists’ names out in the public,” Schmidt said. “It’s a win-win situation: you donate to a great cause and get to take home a piece of art.”

Anyone is invited to donate art for the auction starting Monday, Oct. 29. Artwork can be submitted to B-315 or F-303 in the Harris Fine Arts Center. The Vending Machine Art Show will be held in the Garden Court in the Wilkinson Student Center on Nov. 1 from 6–9 p.m.

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