Weekly Five: 5 Halloween Pranks


For some, Halloween is a time for delicious candy and fantastic costumes, but for others, Halloween is a time for pranks. Pranks can range from simply jumping out of the dark to hiding a man in the attic. BYU students shared some of their favorite pranks.

1. The person in the attic

Sarah Lemmon, 23, from Louisville, Ky., decided to play a prank on her roommate Emily Eggett and hid a person in the attic. Upon Eggett’s arrival, the man in the attic began to make lots of noise. In a moment of bravery, Eggett opened the crawl space cover and saw a person in her attic. She ran down the stairs screaming and told her roommates what she saw. Lemmon later revealed that the person in the attic was actually a friend in the ward.

“I don’t think she really enjoyed the prank as much as we did,” Lemmon said. “I mean, how often do you hide people in your attic? People don’t expect it.”

2.The dangling spider

Lais Oliveira, a sophomore studying anthropology, has a giant stuffed spider in her apartment. Her friends recently borrowed the spider, tied a string around it and took it to a bridge on campus. They stood on top of the bridge and whenever a student walked under the bridge, they would drop the spider down in front of them. For Oliveira, the spider scares her even when it is just in her apartment.

“(They) just returned it today, and when I walked into my apartment, I freaked out,” Oliveira said. “It’s a giant furry thing and it’s eyes glow and it’s in my living room.”

3.  The haunted house

Jacob Redford, a senior studying sociology,  described a prank that was pulled on him. Along with three female friends, Redford checked out local haunted houses.  At one house, they found that the front door was locked, but when they returned later, Redford barely touched the door and it swung wide open. Redford said this scared the group so they left the house. Later, Redford found out that one of the girl’s boyfriends was in the house the whole time.

“We thought it was a real-life ghost story,” Redford said.  “But then it wasn’t and I was very disappointed because it was kind of cool and  legitimately creepy.”

4. The smashing pumpkin

According to Josh Caskey, a freshman from Glendale, Ariz., a classic Halloween prank is smashing pumpkins.

“I’m not going to say if I have ever participated in that, but I think it’s a pretty common Halloween prank,” Caskey said. “I think people just enjoy smashing things in general.”

5. The popping out of nowhere

Caskey also recommends the simple prank of popping out and scaring people. Caskey described an instance where he was telling ghost stories with his Family Home Evening group. A girl came in late and heard what was going on and decided to scare the group.

“At the perfect moment, she jumped out of the dark and scared the crap out of all of us,” Caskey said. “It’s pretty normal, but it still works really good.”

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