Another succesful true blue event


On Wednesday, BYU students rushed to the Helaman Halls field to kick off the homecoming celebration for the big football game is on Saturday. These Cougar fans played a football game full of blue, frothy foam. Sterling Patterson, a student at BYU, talks about his experience at True Blue.

“A lot of schools know about true blue and I think it’s a riot I think it’s a blast. I don’t know of any other school that has this activity, and I think it’s just an awesome activity.”

There are many things that lie under the bright blue pile of suds; the popular activity is ran by volunteers from the student body. The lead volunteer Zoe Theobold knows hardwork and cleverness are factors that attract over 2000 students.

She says, “It’s really fun to see the volunteers grow and so many people be excited to help out and make this experience really fun.”

The foam is fun to slip and slide in, but how hard is it to make these blue bubbles? Jon Quist, a BYU grounds employee was the one that was responsible for making the foam.

He says, “The soap is actually a fire retardent and so it’s a soap concentration that’s designed for putting out fires.”

Nedy Roland, another lead volunteer knows that his number one goal is to unite the students at school and a community.

Roland says, “I want to promote the sense of loyalty and spirit to BYU… promote the sense of what it means to be a student at BYU.”

By the look of these happy faces covered with bubbles of blue, the volunteers are pleased with the end result and are keeping the homecoming tradition and spirit alive.

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