Charged Sex Offender

Broch DeGraff

Charges were filed Monday against Broch DeGraff, a former school teacher and coach at Liahona Preparatory Academy. Forcible sodomy and nine counts of forcible sexual abuse are the first and second-degree felonies he is currently facing.

The victims are two sixteen year old girls who attended the Academy. Once the parents of one victim were made aware of the abuse they called the school. The school then called the Division of Child and Family Services who got the Pleasant Grove Police Department involved.

Detective Ryan Armitstead said, “We work hand in hand with DCFS and we were present during the interviews with the two females. At that time through the forensic interview we had learned that they had been abused by a twenty seven year old male.”

Suspicions about DeGraff arose in late July and he was then fired from his job.

Those close to DeGraff came forward and told police that he was planning on fleeing the state or even the country if he was filed with charges. This worry led to his arrest last Wednesday, September 19th.

Police say DeGraff began his relationships with both these girls in the same approach.

Detective Armitstead described how the progression took place, “It started with texting, mutual texts, talking about school, talking about soccer, talked about families, and then of course it progressed from there.”

The two victims of this case are back in school, though they are not attending Liahona Preparatory Academy.

Detective Armitstead advises parents to be more involved in their children’s texting and monitor both cell phone and internet interactions in order avoid any dangerous situations.

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