Secrets to successful date night outfits


Attending a religious university where marriage is deemed a high priority, several students take their dating life seriously — especially the first date.

Some students believe what they wear can make or break the potential relationship. BYU students have varying opinions on how to handle their date-night apparel choices.

Daniel Ellis, a 24-year-old from Portland, Ore., majoring in mechanical engineering, discussed how he handles his personal fashion. Ellis believes first date fashion choices should not be taken seriously, rather with a sense of humor.

“I wear overalls or a large vest,” Ellis said.  “It’s a filtering mechanism. If they like me while wearing heinous clothes, I know they’re cool.”

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Ellis continued discussing how some girls love his unruly style, while others do not see the humor in a man showing up at their door with a full-blown mustache and denim jacket.

In comparison to Ellis’ opinion, Blake Thain, a 24-year-old from Bountiful, majoring in accounting, dresses to impress, rather than feeling out his date’s personality with unattractive clothes.

“I wear a nice pair of jeans and button-up (shirt), but it depends on the date,” Thain said. “I like my date to feel comfortable.”

Deborah Tan, an information systems major from Singapore, discussed her likes and dislikes on first dates. Tan enjoys knowing what the night holds so she can choose the appropriate outfit.

“It’s always awkward when you go on a date and your outfit is too nice or too casual,” Tan said.

In addition to wearing the right thing, Tan stated she has certain preferences in what her dates wear. Tan believes some things are more appealing than others.

“Boys should refrain from wearing sneakers on a first date,” Tan said. “I know some girls who won’t go on a second date because of their shoe choice.”

For BYU freshman, fashion choices vary among the men and women. Ryan Knecht, a freshman from Mission Viejo, Calif., majoring in family and consumer sciences, stated freshmen women dress like they are attending a fashion show. For the men, Knecht believes they are laid-back about what they wear.

“I have noticed a lot of cargo shorts and running shoes among the freshmen,” Knecht said. “It kind of weirds me out.”

Knecht believes dating should not be about what you wear, rather what you have to offer in a relationship.

“For right now, I am going to keep wearing my aloha Friday shirts from Goodwill,” Knecht said.

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