BYU Heroes Cycle to Boise


The Bronco and Holly Mendenhall Foundation sent a pack of Cougars, former players and big fans, to Boise State for Thursday’s game. The way they got there was a little out of the norm; they traveled by bicycle.

Markell Staffieri, former BYU linebacker, has been a part of the planning process for this trip for the last couple months.  He spoke very highly of the foundation and their “Thursday’s Heroes” campaign.

“I loved it so much as a player here. These kids were so inspiring to me… And they’ve continued to inspire me afterwards,” said Staffieri. “I try to take every opportunity I can to work with Holly and Bronco to see how we could promote it.”

87 fans and alumna started the bike ride, but only 10 made the trip all the way to Boise. While they hoped to be rewarded with a BYU win over Boise State University for their effort, instead they settled with contributing to a good cause.

“I really appreciate what they do as far as buying equipment, altering cars and homes so that these kids can have a better life and overcome the challenges they’ve had,”said 1970’s running back Roy Ward.

This was the first ever “Hero Ride” and they covered around 480 miles. The foundation is hopeful that the activity will happen again next year.

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