Romney visits Utah


The Salt Lake City airport had a special guest Mitt Romney draw a crowd of media and even some boy scouts to the runway yesterday.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s not every day you get to meet someone so important and so high status right now, so it was really cool and maybe if he becomes the president then I can say I got to shake the president’s hand,” said Matthew Spurrier, a boy scout from troop 315.

It is no secret that Utah is a cash cow for the Romney campaign. Romney’s only stop in was at the Grand America Hotel for a $25,000 per person roundtable discussion and a $1,000 per plate luncheon.

“To have Mitt Romney in town with less than fifty days to go, that fires up a lot of people. He’s got a huge support here in Utah and I think he’s got the winning message. I think we’re looking at the next president of the United States,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R), district three.

Romney reportedly brought in about $2 million, and spoke for more than 30 minutes.

“He got what he wanted and by virtue of what he put in place, we have seen the results over these past four years. Those results are not very encouraging,” said Romney.

Combined with Paul Ryan’s fundraising stop in Provo two weeks ago, Utahns have now donated nearly $80 million to the Romney-Ryan ticket.

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