Police Beat: Ninjas, graffiti and stomach cramps


Suspicious Call

Aug. 21 – Two males looked suspicious while pushing a custodial cart with computers in it outside the Eyring Science Building. Officers came to check it out, but no one was there. Nothing seemed to be missing.

Aug. 24 – Four people wearing all black, masks and covered in tattoos were spotted heading to the tennis courts. Two officers stopped them and found out they were here for a reunion. They were from out of state and just wanted to play ninja. They did not cause problems and agreed to not cover their faces. Officers cleared the scene.

Aug. 28 – Three people were spotted around 1 a.m. at the Broadcasting Building’s loading dock. One of them, carrying a suitcase, was trying doors and looked suspicious. The three people turned out to be employees coming back from Salt Lake City.


Aug. 27 – Police were contacted after a female reported she had stomach cramps. Her brother later took her home.


Aug. 27 – A man emailed a woman about a job offer and instructed her to cash a fraudulent check and keep $50. The rest of the money was to be sent to Covina, Calif., by money order. The woman recognized the check as fraudulent before she cashed it and saved herself from owing the bank $5,000. The man has not been found yet.

Criminal Mischief

Aug. 21 – Graffiti was found on a metal control box in parking lot 37. It appeared to be a tag done with black shoe polish and yellow paint.

Aug. 25 – Someone wrote “BYU sucks” on the lobby wall of the Tanner Building. Other comments included “Yes!” “Mormons” and “Go Joe Smith!”

Aug. 26 – Graffiti was found on a sign at 1430 N. 450 East. It was done by a blue paint marker. Police were not able to determine what the graffiti spelled. However, it appeared to be a tag.

Aug. 27 – Advertisements, flyers, posters, manufactured life-sized dummies and chalk writings on concrete walls and sidewalks were found all over campus to market the company studentgenius.com. It was quickly cleaned up. Police will contact the company responsible for this.

Returned Property

Aug. 24 – A student left her bike parked at Heritage Halls before she left for the summer. When she returned, she found her bike parked 50 yards west of the original spot. It was locked to a rack so police cut it out and returned it to the student.

Family Fight

Aug. 23 – A married couple were arguing outside of Wymount Terrace. It turned out there was no crime committed. Officers mediated the situation and cleared the scene.


Aug. 23 – A student reported a stolen bicycle parked at Budge Hall in Helaman Halls. The bike was valued at $500.

Disorderly Conduct

Aug. 22 – Police caught someone longboarding in parking lot 40. This person received a citation for skateboarding on campus. It is against the law, according to a Provo City ordinance.

Aug. 22 – Police were contacted because of loud music coming from the new Heritage Halls around 7 p.m. It turned out it was just a new-student dance. The students were directed to turn the music down.

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