Award-winning a cappella group holds auditions


The women’s a cappella singing group, Noteworthy, is holding auditions this Friday night in 3250 Wilkinson Center to fill spots in the nine-member ensemble.

Founded in 2003 by former BYU student Esther Yoder, Noteworthy is an award-winning singing group. Members of the ensemble agree that Noteworthy was a key part of their college experience.

“Noteworthy defined my time in college,” said Kelsey Pratt, former Noteworthy member and director of two years. “It was like a sorority of sisters that enjoyed the same faith and love for music.”

Noteworthy desires to touch others with their voices and performances and has won multiple awards including the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. The group is recognized both nationally and internationally because of performances, tours and highly acclaimed recordings, as well as being featured on NBC’s “The Sing-Off.”

Tatiana Quinn, a current member of Noteworthy, discovered her love for a cappella while still in high school.

“I wanted to join Noteworthy because I experienced a taste of a capella while performing in a musical, and it was really fun to sing my own part,” Quinn said. “Noteworthy seemed like a fun thing to try so I practiced a lot and made it on my second audition.”

Former Noteworthy member, Cassie Crabb, said what she enjoyed most about Noteworthy was sharing her beliefs and values with others through music.

“The most rewarding experiences were the firesides that we would put on for the youth,” Crabb said. “We were in their shoes not too long ago and know how difficult jr. high and high school can be. Bringing hope to people was so fulfilling.”

Participants should be prepared with a 45 to 60 second a cappella solo and to sing parts of a hymn during auditions on Aug. 31. More details about auditioning can be found on a sign-up sheet located outside room E-400 in the HFAC.

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