Romney presents 'America's Comeback Team'


Mitt Romney finally announced his could-be partner for the next four years.

Saturday morning, at a rally in Norfolk, Va., Romney introduced to the crowd Representative Paul D. Ryan as his partner on the G.O.P. ticket, dubbing the two as “America’s Comeback Team.”

Hailing from Wisconsin, Ryan is currently serving in his 7th term in U.S. Congress for the 1st Congressional District. His most striking political distinction is his preference for minimal government spending, and he’s been dubbed the Republican Party’s leader on fiscal and budgetary issues.

Ryan is often defined by his aim to completely reinvent Medicare as a way to limit taxpayer spending on health care

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Until now, the main campaign tiff between Romney and President Obama has focused on the lack of jobs across the country. As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan’s presence in the Romney Campaign will shift the long-debated economy full of job-less people to decreasing the amount of government spending and debt.

“We’re running out of time and we can’t afford four more years of this,” said Ryan, 42, to the Norfolk crowd. “Politicians from both parties have made empty promises which will soon become broken promises with painful consequences if we fail to act now.”

With the announcement, the Democrats fired back, stating their eagerness to display the flaws in Ryan’s Medicare and other social program reinvention plans.

“Mitt Romney has chosen a leader of the House Republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors, will somehow deliver a stronger economy,” Jim Messina, Obama campaign manager, said.

The announcement of Romney’s vice presidential candidate in Virginia kicked off weekend visits to battleground states in November’s election.


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