Letter: Limited bliss


I’m starting to think reporters at The Universe don’t have an opinion about anything other than marriage. I was not surprised to see the title of last week’s Viewpoint article: “Marriage Matters: Marriage is more than a happy ending” (7/31). This revealing piece of journalism described the tendency of many BYU students to expect to live “happily ever after” once they tie the knot. Katie Harmer, who wrote the piece, has been married two years and has thankfully come to the realization that this is not the case. Any BYU student who thinks marriage creates automatic, blissful happiness should be dismissed because there is no way they are intellectually qualified to be here. Research suggests married bliss lasts anywhere from one year to four years. Either way, that’s definitely not until death do you part, or eternity, for that matter. Have you ever seen your parents talk baby-talk on the phone till 4 a.m. when not together?

I’m not anti-marriage, or bitter from a lack of marriage proposals. I’ve had several serious boyfriends who wanted to marry me, but I was nowhere near ready to give up my life of salsa dancing and serial dating. My current boyfriend makes me blissfully happy, and I’d like to take this opportunity to ask him to marry me. Just kidding. I want the bliss to last a little longer.



Fairfield, Calif.

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