Most Utah, Idaho fires contained


After a rough few months with wildfires in Utah, Colorado and Idaho, things are finally starting to calm down. Most of the fires are either partially or entirely contained as of July 31.

In Utah, the Slate Jack and Idapah fires are 100 percent contained as of Aug. 1. The Dallas Canyon fire is the largest active fire in Utah with 70 percent of 43,610 acres contained. No evacuations or injuries have been reported.

According to Local News 8 in Idaho, the Ridgetop fire in Idaho caused seven homes to be evacuated, but it is 70 percent contained. A second fire in Idaho, the Halstead fire, is actively burning and zero percent contained. Several area campgrounds have been closed, and local news in Boise stated, “Officials do not believe this fire will be extinguished soon or easily.”

More information about Utah fires is available on the Utah Fire Information website. National fire updates are available on the active fire map.

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