Letter: Scooter rights


BYU Police has turned itself into an overprotective mother figure. I appreciate their concern for the students, faculty and staff on campus, but they have taken some things too far — particularly the rule against scooters on campus. I’m not talking about motorized scooters, but the 8-pound aluminum device you power with your foot. These are prohibited at all times on campus grounds for reasons completely unexplained by police. This is likely because the police don’t even know why they are banned. I asked an officer myself a few weeks ago, and he had no explanation for me. I can only imagine it is because of some safety issue that was not thoroughly thought through. I don’t need to consult the physics department to know whether or not a scooter would cause less damage than a bicycle twice its size and can go twice its speed. Unlike roller blades or skateboards, scooters have a built-in brake on the back to politely stop for cars or pedestrians. If it’s the safety of the riders they’re concerned about, bikers are just as likely to have broken bones as scooter riders if hit by a car on campus.

My family doesn’t have a bike for me to use, so a scooter was the next best thing. As long as I am not harming the safety of others (which I am not, nor have I ever been) then I deserve the same rights as the biking population to travel to school on a set of wheels.


Colorado Springs, Colo.

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