Amateur motocross makes a stop in Mona


Thrill seekers and weekend adventurers can kick off their summer in Mona as the Rocky Mountain Motocross series visits Mountain West Motocross Park on Saturday.

Amateur motocross will make its second and final stop this season to Mona. Spectators and participants should expect a day filled with sights, sounds and smells unique to motocross. Understanding the basics of this action sport can make this experience more enjoyable, especially for first-time spectators.

Motocross tracks incorporate man-made jumps, obstacles and different soil such as sand into the natural terrain of an area. At the start of each race, riders line up behind a metal starting gate that sits upward at a 45 degree angle. When the gate drops, up to 40 riders barrel down toward the first turn to start the race. Riders that try to start too early will jam into the gate. This system is a distinct feature of motocross and is used to avoid false starts.

Racers compete throughout the day in two 15-30 minute motos, or races. The racer with the best combined finishes between both motos is the overall winner on the day. The event offers over 20 different classes for riders to compete against others of similar skill level or age. It is not uncommon to see one race of 4-6 year-old racers zinging around the track and then see the next race with riders over 40 years of age. Also, local pros competing in national motocross events frequently return home to Utah to compete.

Rocky Mountain Motocross (RMX) is a regional organization that directs and oversees the races that are run at Mountain West Motocross Park and other venues in the Rocky Mountain region. The organization’s website addresses their main purpose, “RMX was started when local track owners noticed a significant need for quality racing in the Rocky Mountain area,” the website says. “We have strived to provide the highest quality, most competitive motocross events in this region.”

The RMX series holds races on both Saturday and Sunday; however, racers who choose to compete on just one day can still accumulate series points toward a championship. This design makes it convenient and competitive for those who choose not to race on Sunday.

Mountain West Motocross Park is located on a secluded, back-country hillside about 50 minutes from campus just south of Utah County. The native desert plants, mountain vistas and dusty dirt road entrance make this location a serene, summer getaway. However, when the racers roll up to compete – the excitement turns to motocross. Practice starts at 8 a.m. with races running all day starting at 9:30 a.m. Admission for the day is $8 at the gate and the sign-up fee for racers without an RMX membership is $35.

Directions and other information about the racetrack can be found at Additionally, results and other information regarding the series can be found at The next series event is on July 7-8 in Preston, Idaho, at Cache Valley Motocross Park.

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