FAQs: Registering to vote in Utah


Voters are preparing for election day as Utah’s primary election approaches June 26.

Trent Norman, a former election poll worker, said he stresses the importance of voting. “Every vote counts, even here in Utah.”

While many students are eager to participate in the political process, many are first-time voters and aren’t sure how to go about voting. The state elections website and the Utah County Clerk’s office provided answers to important basic questions.

I live in one state, but I go to school in another. How do I vote?

People can only vote in the state of their primary residence. Students who maintain their home state as their primary residence can vote absentee. Voters should allow enough time to receive and return ballots through the mail.

How do I vote in Utah?

Registration for the Utah Primary has already passed, but voters can still register to vote for the November general election. There are three ways to register to vote in Utah.

Register online at vote.utah.gov. In order to register online, voters need a valid photo ID. The online form must be submitted 15 days before the election.

Register by mail. The necessary forms are available to print online. Voter registration forms must be postmarked at least 30 days before the election.

Register in person. At least 15 days before the election, voters can register in person at the County Clerk’s Office.

Voters who have previously registered to vote but have since changed their name will need to re-register.

Do I need to declare a political party in order to register?

Declaring a political party is optional unless voters want to become a delegate for a political party. In Utah people can only vote in a primary for the party they belong to. If voters choose to declare a political party as they register to vote, that information is available to the public.

Where do I vote?

Voters can find out which precinct they live in online at vote.utah.gov. Voters are assigned to specific locations based on their precinct.

If I’m already registered to vote in Utah can I vote early?

The Utah County Clerk’s office provides voters the option of voting prior to election day at early voting locations. Early voters can find locations by checking the Utah County elections website. In Utah County there are several locations to vote in Spanish Fork, Orem, Provo, Saratoga Springs and American Fork.

Early voting begins 14 days before Election Day and ends the Friday before Election Day. In order to be eligible for early voting, voters must be registered to vote 30 days prior to the election and provide valid voter identification. Early voting for the Utah primary ends June 22.

“Taking part in the election process is the responsibility of each American,” Norman said. “Everyone should take the time to exercise their freedoms this coming election.”


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