Working out professional style


When gyms are crowded and smelling dank  and the same old boring workout doesn’t sound fun, Velocity offers an alternative form of exercise.

Velocity offers its members an interactive and sport-targeted workout. Because of Velocity’s specialization in sports training, it enjoys an abundance of athletes who are training for the Olympics or for the pros in their respective sports. Velocity also trains thousands of athletes that are training to land a college scholarship in the future or just trying to keep an edge.

“I used to play high school sports, now I just play for fun, but I like to stay competitive and in good shape,”  Bob Clayton, a Velocity enthusiast said. “I love the way you train here, it isn’t to get really big and bulky, just lean, toned and athletic.”

The majority of the workouts done at Velocity are with a trainer and done in small groups or individually. Another difference in the workouts is the location where the workouts take place. Most of them happen on a track or an indoor field that measures 30 by 20 yards, not the gym.

“We really pride ourselves in being more targeted on what individuals want to work on. We find out their goals, measure their abilities, and then make a tailored plan for them,” Zach White, a sports trainer for Velocity at the Lehi location, said.

Velocity is one of the largest sports performance training facilities in the nation. They will train any athlete participating in any sport on any level. Their training system is meant to increase speed, agility, endurance, strength and energy in way that will help specific sport performance and also reduce the possibility of sports injuries.

Workouts might consist of pingpong hops, where a trainee will hop on one leg while catching pingpong balls that are flying fast, or kettle ball raises. Trainees will also be seen pulling sleds or rolling tractor tires. There is a wide variety of workouts that will push and challenge any athlete, while keeping things fresh and fun.

“We invite everyone to come and try it out, White said. “We offer a free trial and a lot of people love the difference.”


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