Hatch uninterested in Liljenquist ads


In a recent news release put out by the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch, proof is given to show that he is not avoiding a debate with former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist.

Liljenquist has made an extra push to debate Hatch including $125,000 in advertisements to let the people of Utah know that he wants a debate. The news release from Hatch’s office stated that Hatch has already debated Liljenquist twice and has agreed to another one on a talk radio program, the Doug Wright Show.

Hatch’s office believes that the ads put out by Liljenquist do not show these facts but rather make it look like Hatch is avoiding confrontation and hiding from his constituents.

Their counterargument for that indictment is that Hatch has had over 100 public appearances in the state of Utah, many of which were Q-and-A sessions. They also state that Hatch has attended 22 of the 29 county conventions. The news release ends, stating that “unlike Mr. Liljenquist, Sen. Hatch did not resign his Senate seat and has continued performing his senate duties while also meeting with constituents.”

With the Republican primary election approaching quickly, Liljenquist is itching to get multiple debates in. However, the Doug Wright Show is the only debate that Hatch has agreed to thus far.

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