Colorado fire blazes on


Firefighters in Colorado are still working to contain the Sunrise Mine fire that has touched 6,017 acres of land as of today.

The fire ignited on May 25, and firefighters currently have 48 percent contained. The fire is located on the southeastern border of Utah and Colorado. While none of the fire is touching ground in Utah, it is only one mile from the border.

Mary Christensen works as the public information officer for Great Basin Incident Management. Christensen said that while the estimated containment date is June 3, this fire is treacherous and extremely difficult to put out.

“None of this fire is easy to contain,” Christensen said. “The land is extremely steep and difficult to reach. There are parts where firefighters are unable to reach because the fire extends from Sinbad Ridge to Rock Creek Canyon. Our main concern is the safety of the public and the safety  of our firefighters.”

Two people have been injured, and 10 residences as well as 15 outbuildings have been threatened by the fire. Approximately 552 firefighters are working to extinguish the fire by the estimated date.

A northern wind shift is expected to be of great help in today’s efforts.

“The northwest corner of the fire by the Utah border currently has the most fuel and is burning the hottest,” Christensen said. “The wind shift will hopefully help to stop the progress of the fire and blow it back on itself.”

The cause of the fire is unknown and currently under ongoing investigation.


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