Letter: BYU Memes


In response to “When does a meme go too far?” (5/18), I just started at BYU this spring, and my first experience with the community of BYU was BYU Memes. I’m a fan, and there’s a lot of funny stuff. However, the attitudes I saw there made me a little concerned about the people of the university I would soon be attending. During that time, even rather mild memes would spark heated and often vitriolic debates that served no purpose. Plenty of people attributed that problem to clever Internet trolls seeking to anger people, but in any case, viewers would take offense far too easily.

That being said, too many use BYU Memes as an outlet for their negative feelings. “Condescending Wonka” is, in my opinion, still far more popular than it should be. Condescension and being judgmental should not be a favorite meme for people who pride themselves on attending “the Lord’s University.”

The best memes, in my view, can make a person laugh about BYU and LDS culture, and its members, while still celebrating it.


Murrieta, Calif.

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