Letter: Skydiving


In response to “Sound Off: What’s on your bucket list?” (5/22), something I was able to recently cross-off on my bucket list was to go skydiving. I went this fall at the Tooele Airport and it was one of the most scary, crazy and incredible things I’ve ever done. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much adrenaline and excitement before, and once I was free-falling it was just complete euphoria.

[media-credit name=”Courtesy Gladys Ibarra” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]It was a group of about 10 of us who went, and after doing something together where your life is at risk, an eternal bond was formed between us. I think making bucket lists are important because like any other goal when you write it down it’s more likely to happen. The thing with bucket lists though is that they’re not serious goals, they’re usually very adventurous and some things, like sky diving, you need to talk yourself into and prepare yourself mentally for so it’s good to write it down and solidify the thought of “I’m actually doing this!” It took me a while to talk myself into jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet with a man spooning me. The next thing on my bucket list is to go hang gliding.


Miami, Fla.

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