Policy change for second majors


BYU students have the option of declaring a second major before they graduate, but recently changes to the policy have been made.

Second majors — excluding some language second majors — are rare and must be approved by the college advisement center supervisors involved and the dean of the college responsible for the primary major. The proposal and approval process requires an evaluation of all University Core and major requirements and a time-to-graduate analysis.

The time frame for submitting these petitions for a double major is what has changed in the policy. In the past students had to submit their petition prior to earning 90 BYU hours, excluding language exam credits.

The official policy now requires students to submit their petitions prior to earning 75 BYU hours.

Karen Evans the coordinator of the University Advisement Center said in an email the new policy helps students seek advisement earlier so they can graduate in a timely manner.

“Students are being asked to make decisions concerning their majors earlier in order to facilitate timely graduation so that other students may come,” Evans said. “It is also hoped that students will seek good academic advisement earlier in the process so they can make the best decisions possible based on their own needs and goals.”



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