Police Beat: Trespasser scales fence and plays with crane at Bean Museum construction site


Suspicious Activity

May 4 — A backpack in the Smith Field House containing clothing, a toothbrush and thumb drive was switched with a similar looking backpack containing an umbrella, clothing, shoes, keys, a wallet and three credit cards. Shortly after the backpack swap, a credit card was used at a nearby store. The case is under investigation.

May 6 — The east door of the Snell Building card reader received multiple card swipes at 6 p.m.  The card belonged to a girl who was in Lehi at the time of the swiping. She had never had access to the Snell Building and had marked her card as lost or stolen years ago.

May 6 — Officers found a bike lock cut open hours after a missing bike was reported. Police are still investigating.


May 7 — A complaint was received for a loud thumping noise coming from an apartment at Wymount Terrace. When police arrived the noise had stopped.


May 4 — A  $1,700 Gary Fisher bike was reported stolen near the Tanner Building. The lock was cut. There are currently no suspects.

May 7 — A woman walked into the BYU Bookstore with her 1-year-old son in a baby stroller. She purchased a notebook but left without paying fo

r a $28 textbook hidden in the stroller. She was arrested, issued a citation for retail theft and released.

Suspicious Persons

May 4 — Police received a call at 1 a.m. about suspicious behavior from 6 students hanging around the west side of the HBLL. When officers arrived the individuals were playing night games and talking.

May 5 — An individual called police to report a homeless man going through the bike racks by lot 26. Officers arrived within two to three minutes but the man was gone.

May 7 — A man was reported wandering around, poking his head into the windows of cars and standing near the bike racks near the Tanner Building at 10 p.m. When officers arrived the man was gone.


May 6 — A male student was arrested for playing with a crane at the Bean Museum construction site at 11:30 p.m. He admitted to seeing the no trespassing sign as he crawled over the fence. He was cited for criminal trespass and released.

Disorderly Conduct

May 5 — Two patrons attempted to enter a BYU rugby game with food not purchased at the game. They were advised they were not allowed to bring outside food in. Initially, they refused to leave. They later left and ate the food outside the venue. No other action was taken.

Found Property 

May 3 — A bicycle was found in the bushes south of the Maser Building. A Provo City bike license was identified and the owner was contacted. The owner indicated he had hidden the bike there because he did not have time to find a place to lock it up before class.


May 4 — Police received a call that two people were yelling at each other in the Cougareat. When police arrived the individuals explained there was no problem and they just speak loudly.

Animal Problem

 May 1 — An officer was called to the JKB bike rack at 7 p.m. in reference to bees swarming. He called for dispatch and came back to find a custodian had sprayed the bees three times with insect killer.

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