Run to help children walk


The Now I Can Foundation will be holding a 5k run to raise money for children with physical disabilities on May 19, so the children can receive physical therapy.

The race starts on Freedom Boulevard and goes around the Provo River Trail and is between $10 and $20, depending on time of registration.

Kya Turner, the race coordinator, is working toward organizing the run.

“All of the proceeds of the race will go toward scholarships for low to middle income families who can’t afford treatment,” Turner said.

They will be giving away t-shirts, food and raffle prizes at the event.

Now I Can
One of the Children at Now I Can

Now I Can treats patients with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and many other undiagnosed children with physical disabilities.

Nacole Jackson and Natalie Walker, two of the physical therapists who work with the children, explained why working at Now I Can is different than most physical therapy facilities.

“In most physical therapy offices the clients usually get 45 minute sessions once a month or every few weeks,” Jackson said. “We see them four hours a day, five days a week.”

“We get more gains than other programs because we have the  necessary time to spend with the patients,” said Walker. “After they are through with our program we send them home with their workouts and encourage them to continue to see their other therapists.”

Nacole and Natalie said they get to see many of the childrens’ first steps and love working with them.

“We recently had a little girl who desperately wanted to learn how to jump rope so she could play with the other kids at recess,” Jackson said. “By the end of her treatment she was able to jump five times in a row.”

“We see children hold their heads up for the first time and the tears of joy it brings to their families’ eyes,” Jackson and Walker said. “It is very touching to be able to get them to this point. These children really have taught us to be more grateful for the simple things in life.”


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