Hatch could add depth to Romney campaign


Senator Orrin Hatch has been asked to serve on Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign as the “Special Advisor on Policy.”

Hatch shows faith in Romney’s tactics and said so in a news release.

“Mitt has the background, experience and the skills needed to turn our economy around, and I look forward to working with him to reverse President Obama’s failed economic policies and get Americans back to work.”

As a key strategic policy advisor, Hatch plans to enhance Romney’s presidential campaign by providing his knowledge and advice on repairing the country’s current economic state.

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FILE - In this Sept. 7, 2011, file photo Republican Senator of Utah Orrin Hatch, 78, serving in his sixth term on Capitol Hill, calls on the president to kick start a dormant U.S. trade agenda in Washington. Every handshake counts in Utah’s unique nominating system, even for a senator seeking his seventh term. To avoid a primary, Hatch needs at least 60 percent of the 4,000 delegates expected to vote. In spite of Hatch having spent more than $5 million since the beginning of 2011 to defend his seat, the fate of one of the most powerful senators in the country is coming down to just a few hundred votes.
Heather Barney, a Hatch spokesperson, said because Romney and Hatch have such close relations, their chemistry will carry over should Romney be elected into office.

“Their relationship goes way back and they have mutual admiration for each other,” Barney said. “Romney has endorsed Senator Hatch and will put him in office as the next chairman of the Senate. For Romney’s campaign, Hatch will be advising him on the best tactics to take in order to correctly address the economic policy issues. These issues cover a wide range of topics and Hatch wants to contribute his talents as much as possible.”

As special advisor on policy, Sen. Hatch will be working with the same issues if put in as chairman of the finance committee. His efforts to work with the country’s economy will transfer over to the position that Romney has allotted for him.

“Hatch wants to work hard to improve these issues we are dealing with in a state of economic crisis,” Barney said. “Hatch will continue to address these problems through the senate finance committee with Romney in office.”

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