Police Beat: April 19-22


Suspicious Behavior

April 19 – Someone called police reporting a baby locked in a car. When officers arrived at the JRCB parking lot, they discovered there was no baby in the car, just a blanket covering the car seat.

April 20 – Police were called at midnight with a complaint about a group of males by a white SUV playing loud music and throwing fireballs in Lot 41. When the officer arrived, he located the students; they were lighting powdered sugar on fire by throwing it in the air and lighting it with a lighter. He told the students to turn down the music and to refrain from lighting the powdered sugar on fire.

April 20 – Officers were called about suspicious people outside Merrill Hall at 2:30 a.m. Five students were dismantling their sofa because it would not fit inside the dumpster in its original configuration. The officers told the students to clean up the debris and warned them about the noise. The students complied with the officers.

Criminal Mischief

April 21 – At 11 p.m. a man reported to police that he and his fiance were walking by LaVell Edwards Stadium when a car drove by and an unknown person threw water balloons at them. They were hit, but not injured. The suspects could not be located when officers arrived.

Missing Person

April 20 – Police were notified by a woman that her mother was missing from the library for three hours. She had been in the Special Collections section and could not be reached by cell phone because of poor cell phone coverage in the lower levels of the library. When the officer arrived, the woman was on the phone with her mother. She had been in Special Collections the whole time, an aisle away.

Noise Disturbance

April 21 – Police were called to Lot 45 for a noise disturbance from a motorized cart. A group of men from the mechanical engineering shop were loading materials and said they were almost done for the night, but asked the officer if he could turn the lights on in the parking lot so they could see better. The officer explained he could not turn the lights on.


April 19 – A dumpster was reported on fire by a group of BYU students in Heritage Halls. They poured some water on the fire, but the Provo Fire Department responded and put the fire out. There are no suspects of who set the fire.


April 19 – Officers were dispatched to Hinckley Hall about a woman with her two sons who were dumpster diving. The woman explained she was with the First Baptist Church and was finding items to donate to a homeless shelter. The woman was advised it is against university policy to take things out of the dumpsters.


April 20 – A locked bike was stolen from outside the JKB Friday morning. The bike is valued at $700 and the lock at $25.

April 22 – A TV was stolen from the Cannon Center Sunday night. Officers responded to the call. There are no suspects and the matter is still under investigation.


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