Tips for battling graduation traffic


Lt. Arnold Lemmon from the BYU Police Department offered closure information and tips to help students and visitors prepare for the coming traffic of graduation:

  • One lane on North Campus Drive will be closed and made into a drop-off lane.
  • Lots 1 and 2 in front of the ASB will be closed for staging graduating students.
  • Due to construction, some roads people might be familiar with don’t exist or are closed. These include 1430 North, South Heritage Drive and West Campus Drive.
  • Expect and be prepared for traffic. “Be patient, come early and when you park your car, park it in a stall,” Lemmon said.
  • “Don’t hesitate to think about walking,” Lemmon said. “East and west of the stadium aren’t used a lot and there is ample parking. The closer you get to the Marriott, the earlier you want to come.”
  • Don’t break the law just because it’s graduation. “Comply with traffic rules and regulations,” Lemmon said. “Stopping in traffic and dropping people off is not only impolite, but also illegal. There are  designated drop-offs for drivers.”
  • Listen to traffic enforcement officials. “From our perspective, if we direct [visitors] somewhere, we’d like them to comply,” Lemmon. “Follow our directions and don’t be argumentative. It really helps the process go smoothly.”
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