Ten Commandments of Men’s Formal Fashion


The men of Provo were attacked on several occasions last year for their fashion sense or lack thereof, but with the start of a new year there are several minor adjustments Provo’s men can make to improve.

GQ magazine ranked Provo one of the worst-dressed cities in the country and then a few months later GQ ranked BYU males as some of the worst dressed in the country. Most of the criticism was directed at Provo formal wear or “Sunday attire.”

William Locklear, a freshman political science major from Knoxville, Tenn., said he is fed up with GQ magazine’s rankings.

“Those rankings are ridiculous,” he said. “I think they are very biased.”

But Locklear said all the negativity isn’t just coming from “outsiders,” but from within.

“This guy on Twitter @NiceTryZoob is starting to bother me,” he said. “I finally just stopped following him. Obviously there are some guys who could use some help, but there are stylish people in Provo too. I’m stylish, just look at what I’m wearing.”

Daniel Bullock, a junior exercise science major from Westminster, Colo., said it is important to beware of vanity, but also said it is important to dress nice.

“I’m not saying spending way too much money on overpriced clothes is what everyone should go out and do,” Bullock said. “I just think dressing a little professional really makes a difference.”

Bullock said he believes good church attire and stylish formal wear are two different things.

“Look, on Sundays wear your white shirt to church because that is respectful,” Bullock said. “But any other time, invest in some color and new patterns. Guys just need to wear something they didn’t wear on their missions.”

Christopher Hayes, a senior animation major from Atlanta, said he disagrees with GQ magazine, but believes up-to-date style is important.

“Looking good is not the most important thing in life,” he said. “As BYU students we understand this better than most. But we have been taught to look our best. I personally think staying fashionable is important.”


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