Police Beat: TA reports pilferage of Oreos with street value of 50 cents


Suspicious Activity

March 22 – Four male juveniles were seen climbing over a statue by the Harris Fine Arts Center. The officer identified them and asked them to leave the area.

March 23 – Two individuals were reported moving a mattress into a building at Heritage Halls. One of them was identified as a student resident by a security camera and a card reader record. The student told the officer he borrowed the mattress from his friend so his brother could sleep on it. He did not have guest approval from the housing office and was told to take the mattress back to his friend.

March 25 – A male was reported going through trash bins at Heritage Halls. When officers found him, he told them he was finding some newspapers he could use. The officers later found he was previously banned from campus.


March 22 – A bike was reported stolen at a bike rack by the Smith Fieldhouse.The owner said the lock was cut and the bike was worth $400.

March 23 – A teaching assistant at the Talmage Building reported the Oreo cookies on her office desk were missing. She told the officer the door is always locked except for janitors. There were four cookies, worth 50 cents.

March 26 – A student reported his bike stolen from the bike rack by the WSC. The bike was not locked.

Animal Problem

March 26 – A complaint was filed because of two mature German shepherds running around a building at Wymount Terrace.

Criminal Mischief

March 22 – Graffiti was reported at the JFSB southwest elevator. A custodian told the officer the suspect might have come back in retaliation or to make a statement because another incident that had been reported was printed in the Police Beat in The Daily Universe.

March 25 – Three male student residents at Heritage Halls were reported for pranking each other with synthetic coyote urine and flour. A BYU police officer directed them to clean up their mess. No charges were filed.

Pedestrian Accident

March 22 – A female pedestrian was hit by a garbage truck on the east side of the WSC. She was crossing the road on a green light while the truck was making a turn. She sprained her wrist but did not receive a critical injury. No citation was issued.


March 24 – Four students were found in a closed outdoor track by Helaman Halls watching a movie on a laptop computer around midnight. The officer warned them about trespassing and escorted them out of the area.

Sex Offense

March 24 – Two males were observed committing crude acts in a men’s shower room at the Smith Fieldhouse. When anofficer arrived, the two had left the area.

Found Property

March 23 – A custodian at the HFAC found a small diamond piece for jewelry and turned it in to BYU Police.

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