Letter: Ideal vs. reality


To the author of “Sex Education” (3/20): As a future sexuality educator and parent, I agree that parents should have an active role in educating their children about sexual behavior. Studies show that parents who clearly communicate their opinion on sexual behavior to their child will reduce that child’s risk of engaging in that behavior. However, the purpose of public sexuality education is to help those children who do not have parents willing or available to explain the risks of premarital sex. These children are the most at-risk, and these children will suffer the most if they cannot receive some form of sexuality education.

Sex education is absolutely the responsibility of the community, schools and health institutions. At-risk populations are usually the ones that cannot afford medical treatment for cervical cancer or AIDS treatment. Taxpayers are constantly paying the tab for Medicare, as well as teenage mothers who cannot provide for themselves or their child.

There is a need, even in Utah, for sexuality education in public schools. There is a need for educators to help students lacking a stable home environment. There is a need for preventing risky sexual practices that lead to infection and pregnancy. I wish you well in your endeavors to educate your children, but please allow us health teachers to continue doing our jobs and protecting our students.

Brooklyn Park, Minn.

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