Word to the Ys: March 9


“Most people don’t dread buying socks.” — Anne Robinson, owner of All About Socks, a local store that only sells socks

“Today there were balls flying everywhere and there were receivers everywhere and nobody was quite sure of the spot they were supposed to hit.” — Riley Nelson, BYU football’s starting quarterback, on the Cougars’ first day of spring camp

“I’m afraid of sneezing while driving. I’m always afraid I’ll sneeze and get into an accident because of it.” — Katie Tehrani, on one of her biggest fears

“It is important to remember that in a student’s busy life it is much easier to find time to spend less money than it is to find time to get a job to make more money.” — Kay Stice, accounting professor, on student frugality

“Many of the reformers have been lionized, perhaps to an undeserved degree. The resulting view of God is inconsistent of God’s love for His children.” — John Young, assistant professor of history at Flagler College, on flawed religious historical perspectives


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