Taco shop provides home-style Mexican cooking

Photo by Kristian Ekenes

After local taco shop “Tacos y Mariscos Guanajuato” left La Ranchera Market on State Street, new owners took over, giving the store a fresh start despite the poor business generated under the former owners.

Daniel Cardenas immediately noticed a huge difference between what is now “Jose’s Burritos” and the restaurant run under previous ownership. After having a bad experience at “Tacos y Mariscos Guanajuato,” Cardenas determined he would never re-enter the establishment.

“I was hesitant to go there again but I decided to give it another chance with the new owners, and I was completely blown away by the food and service,” Cardenas said.

Jose and Evalina Sanchez opened “Jose’s Burritos,” located on the corner of 800 North and State Street, about six weeks ago to provide some supplemental income for their family.

The cuisine is comprised of Sonoran-style tacos and burritos, wrapped with hand-made tortillas.

“The way we cook here is the same way we cook for our family,” Sanchez said.

That home-style Mexican cooking is what has drawn Cardenas, a Mexican native, back to the restaurant multiple times.

Customers especially enjoy the $1 tacos, wrapped with hand-made corn tortillas, and filled with either chicken, pork, carne asada, carnitas or barbacoa. Each taco is wrapped in two tortillas, which is typical of authentic Mexican cooking.

After picking up your order, you can spice up your taco at the salsa bar, which offers several varieties of salsas ranging from mild to hot flavors.

The meat and salsa combined with other condiments gives each taco a flavor reminiscent of those sold by street vendors in northern Mexico.

So if you’re looking to try out something new, give Jose’s Burritos a chance. But don’t forget to bring cash — they don’t accept cards.

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