Letter: The texting bubble


Technology is quite an amazing part of today’s pop culture. It provides us hours of entertainment through movies, music, games and texting. These are indeed miracles and can be used to do quite a bit of good in our lives. However, when technology takes up so much of our attention and focus that it starts to distance us from the people around us it can become a major problem. My best friend recently met a girl who he really likes and they constantly text each other. He has a hard time focusing on more than one thing at a time, especially his phone. Every two minutes when he receives a text from the girl he met he goes inside his “texting bubble” for a couple of minutes and cannot be reached until he is done responding. Many times recently I have been asking him for advice on how I should handle something. However, I have learned that it is helpless to talk to him while he is in “texting mode.” This is becoming more and more of a problem in our society today. People are consumed by the virtual world until it removes them from the real world and when technology becomes such a huge part of our life that it removes us from the world of those we love it can become damaging to us. Everything is good in moderation and technology is no exception. So please, put down your phone for just a minute, live in the moment and enjoy the company of those around.

Rocklin, Calif. 

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