Devotional speaker says trust in God’s timing


In life, trials and challenges are inevitable, but relying on the Lord for his answers will bring peace and comfort to those who struggle.

In Tuesday’s Devotional, BYU Associate Athletic Director Dallan R. Moody counseled students to trust the Lord’s timing when faced with difficult problems. He said everyone has trials and the Lord answers prayers in his own way, on his own time schedule. Moody explained students should put their trust in the Lord when facing obstacles.

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Dallan R. Moody, associate athletic director at BYU, speaks druing Tuesday's devotional at the Marriott Center.
Moody began with a simple story of his mission. He served in London, where the weather is almost always cloudy and cold. He said he was feeling down when his companion turned to him and said, “It’s OK, Elder, it could be worse. It could be one degree colder right now.”

Moody said his companion’s analogy struck a chord in him. He realized that his life was good, he was on the Lord’s errand and had many more blessings than problems. From that point, he said he began to look at things with a better attitude and a new perspective on life.

He used this analogy to further illustrate to students how they should approach problems when things become 10 degrees colder and impossible to overcome. These trials could range anywhere from hard tests to stress in marriage to poor health.

“In those times of trial, despair, fear and worry,” Moody said, “I say that is the time when the stage is best set for God to show his power.”

According to Moody, miracles require faith and hope on our part and trust that God will do his part as well. It’s important for students to realize the Lord’s ways are not our own ways. The timing of his responses are not necessarily in line with what we want, but it’s important to trust the Lord and his plan.

“God’s involvement in our lives is carefully crafted to bring about the greatest good,” Moody said.

It is often after trials have passed that students can look back and understand God’s reasoning. Moody gave an example from his own life of a time he needed to trust the Lord and His reasoning. He explained how sometimes the lack of a miracle is a miracle itself and that God’s ways and thoughts are above man’s and more inclined to help students grow.

Moody and his wife, April, discovered their third child, Caleb, would be born with severe physical disabilities, including the lack of a right eye. Moody looked back on his mission companion’s advice and he felt that it was much worse than one degree colder. He knew the challenges that lay ahead would not be easy, but with his faith in the Lord and his timing, he knew anything was possible.

“We could feel heaven’s hand upon us,” Mood said. “I felt angels walk our hallways and sit in Caleb’s room.”

He said God had a greater plan for Caleb that he could not begin to comprehend, but he knew Caleb’s life on earth blessed those around him. For seven years, April’s love for him and God’s will allowed Caleb to be a part of their earthly experience. God was working a miracle on him through his son Caleb, and that will always be a sacred experience for him and his family.

“With God nothing is impossible, especially when life is hard and it is 10 degrees cooler outside, for all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things,” Moody said. “God provides the plan and we contribute the faith and courage. We trust his timing and his ways to achieve his purposes.”

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