Police Beat: Pot-sniffing canine makes bust in May Hall


Suspicious Activity

Feb. 29 – A girl taking pictures of a man in his underwear between the Harris Fine Arts Center and the MOA was reported. Police arrived and could not locate the individuals.

March 5 – A suspicious cardboard box was found in the Wilkinson Student Center, outside of the post office. Police responded and found the box to be empty.


March 5 – Four males were reported on the roof of Budge Hall with laser pointers. When police arrived, they were no longer on the roof.


March 3 – A dispute between two tenants was reported in Wymount Terrace. A woman and her husband were playing music rather loudly and their neighbor pounded on their door. When they did not answer she began pounding on their window. After assessing the situation, police acted as mediators between the tenants.


Feb. 29 – A student was reported taking a book from the Bookstore without paying. He put it in his bag and left the store. When security approached him, he admitted to taking the book with the plans to sell it, since he was short on money.

March 2 – A baseball cap was reported stolen from the Cannon Center changing room.


March 3 – A stove fire was reported in Wymount Terrace. A potholder had caught on fire. The fire was extinguished and the apartment was aired out.

Welfare Check

March 2 – A woman was reported missing after she had gone to her car to get snow pants, but had not returned. She would not answer her phone when her roommate called or when officers called. After a few minutes, the woman returned. She had decided to go for a short drive and had left her phone on silent at home.

March 3 – A missing person was reported in Wymount Terrace. A text message was misinterpreted by a tenant’s father. He responded by calling Residence Life, who contacted the police. The police arrived at the woman’s apartment and she was found in bed.

March 3 – A disturbance was reported at the indoor tennis courts. Two people were reportedly in a heated argument. When officers arrived, there appeared to be no problem. Those who were in the tennis courts said the discussions had been taking place between a coach and his players.

Public Peace

March 3 – Loud noise was reported in Foreign Language Student Housing. When police arrived, they located the noise.  A group of people were having a birthday party and playing loud music. When officers informed them of the noise complaint, they agreed to be quieter and turned down the music.


Feb. 28 – A smell of marijuana was reported in May Hall. The officers brought a K-9 unit with them, who located which room the smell was coming from. The residents were not home when police arrived, but, after being called by police, they returned home. The residents would not allow officers to enter the room. Police got a search warrant approved and entered. They found marijuana residue, drug paraphernalia and tobacco in the room. The situation is currently under investigation.


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