Tech Blog: Google docs app for Android is updated


Apps for mobile devices are created and updated all the time. An app that already existed, Google Docs for Android, has just received an update to include mobile collaboration, without having to launch a browser. This app can be used on Android’s tablets and smartphones.

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Google announced the update of its app in an official blog post this morning.

Previously, the app allowed users to view documents, store the list of documents on their device, share files with people from their address book, and even turn a photo of text into an editable document. This was the first time Google had made any aspect of its Google Apps Suite available client-side. Any editing that was to be done had to still be done in the mobile browser.

This new collaboration includes the ability for multiple users to see what other users are doing to the document in real-time, making it possible to see what edits and other changes people are making to the document as it is happening.

The new editing interface also allows for easier to use pinch gestures, which allows for zooming in on a certain paragraph. The new interface also includes rich text formatting that allows users to add color, check boxes or simply bold or italicize text.

The app is free and now available on the Android Market.

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