Dating Doctor Coleman comes to Orem


With Utah Valley being a predominately LDS community, there are particular social norms, pressures and expectations associated with dating in the “Mormon culture.” So how does it compare to the rest of the world’s views and advice on dating? Award-winning and nationally-recognized “Dating Doctor,” David Coleman spoke last month in Orem, addressing this topic.

Coleman, a self-proclaimed expert on dating, relationships and romance, works on an individual level for celebrities but also speaks to college students in seminars about how they can improve their relationships in a blunt but comical way.

“If you get anything out of this today,” Coleman said, “I want to give you the confidence to be you and to find your significant other.”

He then posed the question, “Would you date you? If not, why would anyone else date you?”

He encouraged students to be themselves.

Coleman opened up the floor for questions from the audience. A female student asked for advice regarding the “friend zone,” how it is established and how to get out of it.

He gave three requirements for assessing whether or not you are “just friends” or have the potential for more. If you find your friend physically attractive, are romantically interested, or would be jealous by something that he or she says or does, then you are not just friends.

The main message to be taken away is that relationships matter, and they can be strengthened by understanding others and being our best selves.

Coleman also left the young men in the audience with some parting advice. He instructed them to give their girlfriend a gift the day before on Feb. 13with a note saying, “No one as special as you should have to wait another day.”

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