Sledding in Provo is one way to revitalize winter


While searching for ways to battle the cold and spend some time outside, many students find enjoyment in a classic winter activity that also has potential to revitalize Provo’s social scene.

With limited outdoor activities during the harsh winter many students take advantage of all the great sledding locations nearby Provo.

Ashley Richards, a sophomore information systems major from Provo, said her favorite place to go sledding right after a big snowstorm is Rock Canyon Park. The park sits just north of the Provo Temple, making it an easy destination for many students living in the Provo area.

“It’s a huge bowl and it’s way steep,” she said. “If it snows you can count on a million people being there though. You have to be careful to avoid running into people or hitting trees and rocks.”

Richards said she counts it as an ideal winter date.

“I think guys should take girls on dates to [Rock] Canyon Park more often,” she said. “It’s free and if you like someone, it’s flirty and fun.”

But for those who don’t want to walk back up the hill and are willing to spend a few dollars, Soldier Hollow in Midway, just 20 minutes north through Provo Canyon, could be the perfect fit.

Soldier Hollow claims the longest tubing run in Utah with more than 1,200 feet of trails. The runs have lifts carrying people up to the top of the hills. A two-hour season ticket is $18 for adults.

Taylor Sant, a senior exercise science major from Atlanta, said it’s a little pricy but enjoyable.

“It’s kind of expensive,” he said. “It’s one of those dates I save for a girl I really like.”

Another popular place to sled is at Jolley’s Ranch in Hobble Creek Canyon just east of Springville. After five years in operation the park has become well-known among snow lovers.

But park superintendent Kim Francom said it is only in the last five years people have been able to access the beautiful landscape of the area.

“When I took over the canyon parks five years ago, all I saw was trespassing signs,” he said. “So I went to the city parks, wrote a proposal and they went for it.”

Jolley’s Ranch now has nearly five miles of groomed trails and a staffed tubing hill.

“The tubing hill is safe, monitored and staffed,” Francom said. “I just love to have fun in the snow; if everyone would come visit us we could have a great time enjoying it together.”

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