Honor Code celebrated in Student Honor Week


In celebration of BYU’s legacy of honor, BYUSA Student Honor is organizing a week of celebration to inspire students about the code they’ve chosen to follow.

Every year, students recommit to higher standards of morality and living. These standards, also known as the Honor Code, highlight commitments to honesty, chastity, virtue, respect and provide guidelines on health, church attendance and proper appearance.

In committing to live the Honor Code, BYU students set themselves apart from other academic institutions and further their learning beyond academic instruction.

“The culture of honor at Brigham Young University is an identifying and unique characteristic of our campus,” said Kylie Cobb, BYUSA Student Honor vice-president, in an email. “Elder Holland stated BYU is not here to help you make money. Any university in this land can do that … BYU has been established to extend to you the very glory of God, His intelligence, His light and His truth.”

To celebrate BYU’s culture of honor, BYUSA Student Honor is organizing a campus-wide celebration from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3 intended to offer students an opportunity to get involved in activities which promote the university’s core values.

“Look for all the fun activities because there will be a lot of opportunities to get involved, meet new people and reflect on honor and why you chose BYU and what your experience here has meant,” said Brooke Porter, an executive director of Student Honor.

In an effort to expand the celebration, Student Honor invited other campus entities to get involved by contributing their own celebrations to Honor Week. These entities include Education in Zion, the ID Center, the Honor Code office, the HBLL and many more.

“We’ve invited every campus entity to participate creatively and come up with their own ideas,” said Shawn Crawley, an executive director of Student Honor. “Everyone has the chance to do something unique and innovative in order to support Honor Week.”

Students can participate in a variety of activities ranging from raffles, Cougar talks, hip-hop performances and a “Captain America” movie night.

This is the second year that such a celebration has been held, and Student Honor said it hopes Honor Week continues to be a tradition that will motivitate students to remember the commitments they agreed to, as well as an opportunity to participate in many fun events.

Students gather in the Wilk to take part in Student Honor Week.

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