Police Beat: Wannabe QB’s attempt to volunteer thwarted


Suspicious Behavior

Jan. 17 – A call was made to BYU Police, but no one spoke. Yelling was heard in the background, so police responded to the apartment in Wyview. The call had been made by mistake and the yelling had come from the television.

Jan. 17 – An individual was reported asking students on campus for rides home.

Jan. 19 – The sound of a gunshot was heard outside the Wilkinson Student Center. Officers responded but were unable to find any evidence.

Jan. 19 – A male individual claiming to be the next BYU quarterback requested to see Bronco Mendenhall. Officers escorted him from the area.

Jan. 19 – A suspicious male entered the counseling center and asked if his daughter was seeing a counselor. He was informed the information was confidential and so he left.

Jan 22 – An individual was reported in the tunnels near the heating plant. Officers searched but were unable to locate the individual.


Jan. 17 – A student reported the thefts of his and his co-worker’s property from the shed north of the Culinary Report Center. The situation is under investigation.

Jan. 18 – An iPod was taken from the BYU Bookstore display case. No other information is available.

Jan. 19 – Property left in an unlocked locker in the Richards Building was reported stolen.


Jan 19 – A man was arrested for trespassing near the LDS Philanthropies Building. He had previously been banned from university property.


Jan. 17 – Officers were called to an apartment in Heritage Halls. The roommates needed help settling a dispute.

Jan. 19 – Two male students were arrested for assaulting one another in the Tanner Building. The first student was studying in a study room. The second student, who had scheduled the room, arrived at the study room and requested the first student to leave. The first student became aggressive and a fight ensued.

Jan. 21 – In Wyview, a male student was reported touching other males inappropriately. The student was arrested.


Jan. 17 – A BYU student was reported missing because he had not been seen or heard from for 12 hours. BYU and Provo officers worked together to locate the individual. He was safe and just had not been answering his phone.

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