Letter: Assigned parking


In response to “Parking problems” 1/12, I work at independent study and find it extremely frustrating when test takers come in asking where to park, and I go outside to find that students who live in the new Heritage Halls have parked in the Independent Study parking lot. It says directly on the website for housing that “Prospective residents should be aware that there will be no on-site parking available at Heritage Halls. If Heritage Halls is still your favorite option, there will be parking space provided at a designated lot; although this lot will be on campus, it will not be in the immediate vicinity of Heritage Halls.” BYU stated you should live in a different housing area if you wanted to bring a car. Don’t get mad when you park your car overnight in the parking lot that says it is only for Independent Study Patrons and get a ticket. The university has designated two parking lots for you. They are near Helaman Halls and the football stadium.

St. George

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