Get Paid for Facebook and Twitter Use


Students already spend so much time using Facebook and Twitter, they might as well get paid for it.

The start-up company, redKonnect, was formed by BYU students Brock Luker, studying American studies, 25, from Detroit, Mich., and Trygve Jensen, an accounting major, 24, from Denver.  This online start-up could potentially earn students cash with very little effort.

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Trygve Jensen, left and Brock Luker started the company redKonnect, which uses Facebook and Twitter.
The redKonnect beta version was launched on Dec. 23. They gained more than 1,000 users in just two weeks — from 30 states and 20 countries — by using their own model to advertise. They plan to be fully functioning by the middle of March.

Jensen said last spring the idea just came to him.

“We wanted to help people get paid for the advertising they are already doing,” he said.

Their slogan, “No information without compensation,” seeks to reward consumers for providing their valuable feedback through social media.

Jensen said they want to give people a chance to earn money who do not have great opportunities, such as the less educated.

Growing up in Detroit was rough for Luker. He said this inspired him to provide an avenue for the less educated members of his old community make more money.

“Everyone has a voice and influence,” Jensen said.

He said he felt everyone around the world already interacts with many people every day. Why not get paid for it?

RedKonnect pays users upfront and per click.  However, pay is determined based on your “konnect” score. The ultimate “konnect” score is 100.

Once you are over 100, redKonnect will offer a bidding price to companies for your influence.

A “konnect” score is measured by a patented “konnect algorithm” which mathematically measures your influence on Facebook and Twitter. For example, the amount of friends or followers you have would positively affect your konnect score.

However, the algorithm can only measure the amount of friends, not the quality or closeness of these friendships.

Luker said the average person can make $200 per month with redKonnect. However, compensation depends on how well the company for which you advertise performs.

“I see the Internet changing to where people don’t get taken advantage of,” Jensen said.

RedKonnect currently has five partners hiring interns this spring and summer.
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